Oak Pass Capital Management ("OPC") is a privately held real estate investment firm formed for the purpose of strategically acquiring and managing commercial real estate assets throughout the country.  OPC invests in attractive real estate opportunities in partnerships with experienced owner / operators and capital partners. The firm was founded in January 2011 by Charles P. Toppino and a team of real estate professionals formerly of Square Mile Capital Management.  The firm is vertically integrated to identify, acquire, finance, and asset manage commercial real estate equity and debt investments.

OPC is highly experienced in the acquisition of direct commercial real estate and performing, sub-performing and non-performing senior loans and subordinate debt instruments, secured by commercial real estate assets. The firm targets high-yielding, mispriced and off-market commercial real estate opportunities that have allowed the firm to achieve high current yields and above average returns for the firm and its investors. OPC's investments are built on strategic relationships with local/regional owner/operators, capital partners, diligence providers, and lenders that have been established over the past 30 years.